Kisima Ngeda Camp

From $590 /person

A camp offering the serenity and cultural riches of the Hadza and Lake Eyasi

Nestled on Lake Eyasi's edge in Tanzania, Kisima Ngeda Camp by Entara offers a tranquil retreat amidst a doum palm and fever tree forest. The lodge features wooden floors, palm-thatch roofs, and a dining room with expansive lake views, serving delicious and lovingly crafted meals made with organic, seasonal produce. Guests can bask in shady and secluded spring pools and gaze upon the abundant birdlife that frequents the lake. Other guided activities include immersive visits to the nearby Hadza people and sleep-out expeditions under starry skies. All Entara Camps strive to create a positive social impact and light footprint through sustainable practices and community upliftment.

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