South Africa

West Coast Luxury Tents

From $36 /person

Epic 4x4 accessible West Coast glamping tents -enjoy a private beach access and scenic surroundings

Concealed behind a sand dune, 500 meters from a pristine 40 km sandy shoreline. These self-catering tents offer a private retreat with exclusive access to the unspoiled beach, reachable by a scenic walk or a 4x4 adventure. Ensuring an intimate escape, this spot on a private beachfront farm bars public intrusion. For aviation enthusiasts, a 400-meter private airstrip awaits. Between Dwarskersbos and Elands Bay, our location is a sanctuary for birdlife enthusiasts, with the nearby Verloren Vlei area hosting diverse species. Revel in unique Atlantic Ocean sunsets, casting a soulful charm over Elands Bay, renowned for crayfish during the season. Only a 2.5-hour drive from Cape Town, our Luxury West Coast beach tents beckon for a peaceful and adventurous escape.

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