Luxurious Etosha relaxation in the heart of the bush

The rugged harsh wilderness of Etosha combined with the exquisite accommodation and cuisine of Villa Mushara offers a stark contrast, which has been depicted in the villas through the use of opposing textures. With individuality in mind, only two exclusive villas have been designed to create an ideal retreat from the stress of modern-day life, where an aura of tranquillity and contemplation prevails. Timeless appeal, shrouded by Etoshas eminent mystique. Experience the best of both worlds. Whether it's your memories of relaxing in the private plunge pool or lounging in the salas that are immersed in the bush. Villa Mushara is a place that will leave you yearning for more, long after your departure.

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Best time to go to Etosha National Park

The perfect time to visit Etosha National Park is during the dry winter months between May and September. The lack of rainfall means that Etosha’s animals tend to gather around the waterholes en masse, meaning many fantastic sightings. The park sports less dense bush in the winter months, allowing easier viewing opportunities of wildlife. The wet season spans from November to April. During this time, animals scatter throughout the park as water sources may not be scarce, allowing pink flamingos and pelicans to flock to the shallow-filled pan, making for some vividly-contrasting photographs!



Each villa has its own unique ambiance, designed with a classic appeal. The villas offer a 140 m2 living space and are equipped with a small private library, en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning, minibar, CD collection, private plunge pool and a sala in the bush.

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