South Africa

The Olive Tree Villa

From $83 /person

An exclusive villa that blends modern design and serene seaside wilderness access

The Olive Tree Villa is a captivating retreat bordering a 25 km beach and the Atlantic Ocean. With beach access and a modern design nestled amidst olive trees and shimmering pools, this villa is a unique location to explore the rugged and pristine coastline. Guests can experience breathtaking sunsets, seasonal whale sightings, beautiful hikes and trails filled with the sounds of abundant birdlife and nature. Bask in West Coast hospitality as attentive service, carefully-selected furniture, art pieces and handmade items ensures an unforgettable stay. The quaint seaside village of Yzerfontein it’s set in stands as an urban conservancy, dedicated to protecting natural heritage for future generations, preserving coastal beauty through tireless conservation efforts.

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