South Africa

The Alphen Boutique Hotel & Spa

From $212 /person

Historic elegance meets modern luxury in an iconic and family-friendly five-star sanctuary.

Nestled in Constantia's heart, The Alphen Boutique Hotel & Spa epitomises a captivating blend of heritage and contemporary allure. This iconic five-star gem meticulously fuses timeless elegance with modern comforts, ensuring an unparalleled guest experience. Discover 18 designer suites offering panoramic views of lush gardens and nature's beauty, harmonising seamlessly with the chic interiors. Original structures from centuries past coexist with heated pools, tranquil spa escapes, and three gastronomic delights. In the tapestry of Cape Town's tasteful and timeless offerings, The Alphen stands as an undisputed masterpiece, beckoning the discerning traveler into a world where history and luxury converge.

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