South Africa

Sky Villa Boutique Hotel by Raw Africa Boutique

From $66 /person

A fantastic boutique accommodation atop Plettenberg Bay's hill, beckoning discovery with panoramic views and unique travel joy.

Perched high above Plettenberg Bay, Sky Villa is a boutique haven embodying opulence and unique design. Beyond a passion project, it's a retreat where five-star facilities meet warm hospitality, promising an unparalleled experience. The self-catering Sky Villa Annex, featuring six en-suite bedrooms and a communal area with a heated pool, extends this allure. Guests can seamlessly access the amenities of Sky Villa Boutique Hotel. Here, the fusion of luxury and freedom creates an exclusive escape, ensuring each visitor discovers the unexpected joy of Sky Villa's hilltop sanctuary overlooking the breathtaking expanse of Plettenberg Bay.

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