Shipwreck Lodge

From $1,068 /person

leaf icon 4.1 Sustainability Rating

Otherworldly lodge marooned on the enigmatic and mysterious Skeleton Coast

Located in the famous Skeleton Coast concession, Shipwreck Lodge offers double and family cabins spread out along the sand dunes, all of which are en-suite and solar-powered. This lodge also uses eco-friendly water and waste management and has been presented with the Green Eco Flower Award. Inspired by the Skeleton Coast, each unit is skillfully designed to look like the shipwrecks scattered along this stretch of coastline. A lounge, restaurant, and dining area with a 3-course menu is found at the heart of the lodge. Set against the remote desert landscape, you'll be completely surrounded by spectacular scenery consisting of gigantic dunes, rolling windswept plains and the Atlantic Ocean’s waves.

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