Pelican Point Lodge

From $637 /person

An exclusive lodge located in an old lighthouse on a secluded peninsula

This one-of-a-kind lodge is set inside a lighthouse situated on a sandy and secluded peninsula near Walvis Bay. Untouched beaches and rolling Atlantic waves surround this solar-powered lodge, plunging visitors into the atmosphere of complete serenity. Guests can observe the seals, dolphins and whales from the private deck with uninterrupted views of Namibia's untamed coast, stroll along the desolate beach, and have sundowners on the jetty. Pelican Point Lodge has 10 exclusive suites, each immaculately decorated, with one-on-one service catered to the needs of the guest. At night, hear the call of the jackal as the beam of light above safely guides ships to the Walvis Bay harbour.

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