Palmwag Lodge

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Secluded lodge tucked between red mountains amidst swaying palms and untamed wilderness

Where the deep red rocks of the Etendeka mountains meet the fleeting streams of the Uniab River in northern Damaraland, lies Palmwag Lodge. The slow rhythm of life at the lodge will hypnotise, starting with crisp mornings and ending with evenings under the starry skies. Guests can embark on guided hikes, a sleep-out, or an afternoon drive through the 550.000 ha Palmwag Concession. The vast Palmwag Concession aims to protect a myriad of wildlife species, including lion, desert-adapted elephants, and endangered black rhino. Palmwag Lodge works in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and Save the Rhino Trust to protect this area’s unique environment and its natural heritage.

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