Ohorongo Safari Lodge

From $172 /person

Ohorongo Safari Lodge is a refined Namibian retreat in a vast wilderness.

Nestled within the expansive Ohorongo Game Reserve, a 40,000-hectare wilderness situated in the Namibian Highlands between Etosha National Park to the northeast and Swakopmund in the south, Ohorongo Safari Lodge has evolved into a refined retreat over the years. Here, guests experience the essence of Africa infused with unmistakable Namibian flair, evident in the gleaming smiles of the staff and the tastefully curated suites. Amidst this vast wilderness, guests luxuriate in spacious private quarters, perfect for individual escapes or family gatherings. The property also offers various facilities, including a swimming pool, info library, and a stylish bar, ensuring a comprehensive and delightful stay in the heart of the reserve.

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