Nambwa Tented Lodge

From $506 /person

A luxury oasis in the heart of the Kavango-Zambezi Conservation Area

Perched high among jackalberry, sausage and knobthorn trees, giving right-of-way to the elephants and local wildlife below, Nambwa Tented Lodge was sustainably constructed to have as little impact on the surrounding environment. Located in the largest conservation area in the world, Nambwa offers guests the opportunity to experience the stunning wilderness of the area. With game drives and boat cruises around the area, guests can spend sunny days spotting Africa’s largest contiguous elephant population as they go about their day, alongside lechwe, buffalo, lion and zebra. Guests can also visit Sijwa Island, a conservation initiative started by Africa Monarch Lodges as part of their sustainability efforts, where guests can tour the recycling workshops where waste is turned into beautiful artefacts for sale, or visit the indigenous tree nursery, where they can buy and plant a tree.

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