South Africa

Kopano Lodge

From $862 /person

leaf icon 4.5 Sustainability Rating

Personal, off-the-beaten-path retreat blending exclusivity, nature's beauty, and rejuvenating authenticity. Your exclusive wilderness escape.

Tucked away in the savannah wilderness, Kopano offers a more personal experience of the Madikwe Game Reserve. If you’re looking for a real getaway from the urban jungle, the Kopano can offer a cosy, intimate environment well off the beaten path and in the midst of this famous and restorative game reserve. Experience the allure of the wild in an environment that blends exclusivity with the untamed beauty of nature, making Kopano the perfect choice for an authentic and rejuvenating escape in Madikwe Game Reserve. Your exclusive game reserve getaway awaits, promising a harmonious blend of serenity and untamed adventure.

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