Hoodia Desert Lodge

From $383 /person

Exclusive lodge with surreal views close to the Sesriem gate of Sossusvlei

A short drive from the incredible dunes of Sossusvlei, Hoodia Desert Lodge is the perfect base for visitors to explore the desert surroundings. Encircled by low mountains and set on the banks of the parched Tsauchab River, a stay at this owner-run lodge is sure to impress. Guests can enjoy guided excursions and sunset drives to absorb the surreal views while testing out their photography skills and learning about the rich history of the area with the help of an expert guide. Back at the lodge, the shaded pool area is perfect to be enjoyed with a cocktail in hand. The day comes to a satisfying end at the restaurant, with mouthwatering international and locally-inspired dishes created by the lodge’s skilled chefs.

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