Rustic campsite and convenient refuelling stop close to Etosha National Park

With its convenient proximity to the Andersson entrance of Etosha National Park, this trading post makes for the perfect stop along your journey. More than just a lovely campsite, Etosha Trading Post is a place where travellers can refuel, restock, and recharge. An extensive curio deck also allows guests to leave with a keepsake. Guests can enjoy the shared pool, explore the trading post and what it has to offer, with wifi available at the main shop, or indulge in the buffet restaurant at Etosha Village. Other activities in the area include guided excursions to Etosha, sundowner drives, and stargazing sessions.

Stay Location


Best time to go to Etosha National Park

The perfect time to visit Etosha National Park is during the dry winter months between May and September. The lack of rainfall means that Etosha’s animals tend to gather around the waterholes en masse, meaning many fantastic sightings. The park sports less dense bush in the winter months, allowing easier viewing opportunities of wildlife. The wet season spans from November to April. During this time, animals scatter throughout the park as water sources may not be scarce, allowing pink flamingos and pelicans to flock to the shallow-filled pan, making for some vividly-contrasting photographs!


Individual Campsites

The Individual Campsites offer guests their own private bathroom facilities, a shared wash-up area, power outlets, running water, lights, and a barbeque area. Guests can expect views that overlook a waterhole that will be paired with incredible sunsets over the Etosha plains.

Group Campsites

The Group Campsites are spacious and ideal for larger families or groups of friends. Guests can expect clean, shared bathroom facilities, power outlets, running water, lights, and a barbeque area.

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