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Formerly called the Caprivi strip, the Zambezi Region is a lush wilderness crisscrossed with waterways and rivers, inhabited by a myriad of charismatic animals, and dotted with traditional villages. In stark contrast to the rest of infamously arid Namibia, the Zambezi is home to aquatic creatures, bubbling rapids, fishing hotspots, and a plethora of kaleidoscopic birds. This region is also the heart of KAZA, a multicountry conservation area with wildlife corridors to allow the free movement of animals like elephants. Katima Mulilo is the main town in the Zambezi and is an excellent place to fill up with fuel and supplies.


Explore 5 national parks, all teeming with unique landscapes and animals.
Visit a local craft centre and meet talented Zambezian artists.
Journey through the waterways and wetlands on a boat cruise or traditional mokoro.
Watch a family of elephants play in the mud along the riverbanks.
Tick off the many colourful and unique bird species found in the area.
Reel in the mighty Tigerfish after a worthy fight.

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