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Waterberg Plateau Park

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The Waterberg Plateau rises up from the flat landscape northeast of Windhoek into a lush, thickly vegetated mountain that provides habitat and protection for 25 game species and over 200 bird species. The stunning scenery is a joy to explore, either through guided game drives on top of the plateau, or hikes from its base up towards the peaks to enjoy the best views.


Take a hike up the Waterberg and reward yourself with stunning views from the top.
Enjoy a guided game drive on top of the plateau in search of rhino and Cape buffalo.
Camp under the stars at the well-maintained campsites at the base of the plateau.
Spot tiny antelope, also known as Damara-dik-dik, as they dash between the rocks.
Lounge beside the pool while soaking up the sun.
Explore a historic cemetery commemorating the German-Herero Wars.

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