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Sossusvlei is a striking salt and clay pan found in the vast Namib Desert. The name translates to “dead-end marsh” and the area is especially famous for its immense sand dunes. Situated in a conservation area, Namib-Naukluft National Park, it is a pristine example of desert magnificence with no shortage of attractions to amaze you. Find out why this is one of the most visited places in Namibia as you surround yourself with a multitude of desert-adapted fauna and flora along with the ever-changing shapes of the mesmerising dunes.


See contrasting dunes and skeletal camelthorn trees set in white clay at Deadvlei.
Explore the tallest dune in Sossusvlei with a height of 325 m, called Big Daddy.
Admire the incredible Sesriem Canyon shaped by the Tsauchab River.
Enjoy a peaceful desert walk to the hidden gem aptly known as Hiddenvlei.
Climb the 85 m high Dune 45 to unlock sweeping desert views worth photographing.
Engage the alluring desert with quad biking, game drives, and hot-air ballooning.

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