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As you explore the northern part of Namibia, you will come across a riverside town called Rundu, the largest town in the Kavango Region located on the beautiful Okavango River. Rundu is a great place to stop for a quick rest with interesting sights to see and plenty of shops for necessary supplies. This rapidly growing town borders Angola and is home to several markets selling local goods. It is also especially famous for its beautiful woodwork crafted by the Kavango people.


Admire and purchase beautiful woodwork crafted by the famed Kavango woodcarvers.
Enjoy a bird watching or sundowner boat cruise on the Okavango River.
Go to Rundu Beach for a tranquil picnic on the riverbank.
Visit the Living Museum of the Mbunza and learn about the Kavango people’s culture.
Browse the local goods of the biggest open market in the area.

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