Visit these vibrant towns for a dose of Rwandan history and culture

Huye is a vibrant Rwandan district located in the Southern Province of the country. A city of note in the Huye District, Butare was founded in the colonial era and is known for its rich history and culture that draws on multiple influences. Butare is home to what was previously the National University of Rwanda, many bustling markets, traditional crafts, and beautiful parks. North of Huye is Nyanza, which is well-known for the Nyanza King’s Palace, a replica of the traditional Rwandan royal residence. Huye and Nyanza are great destinations for visitors looking to explore Rwanda's natural beauty and cultural heritage.


Explore the Ethnographic Museum, which houses displays of traditional artefacts and antique monochrome photographs.
Visit the King’s Palace in nearby Nyanza, a beautiful beehive-shaped thatched dwelling inspired by the traditional Rwandan royal residence.
Hear the herders singing to the sacred Inyambo (Ankole) cows in the field behind the palace.
Take a walk around the Arboretum, a 200 ha research forest and gene bank surrounding the University of Rwanda.

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Best time to go to Nyanza & Huye

Huye and Nyanza have a tropical savannah climate, which means that days are mostly warm with frequent rainfall. The best time to visit the city is during 1 of the 2 dry seasons, either between January and February or June and August. During this time, rainfall is least likely, although the weather is still relatively mild. October, November and December have the highest average rainfall, with a second rainy season during March and April. During these months, expect precipitation during the day, although it should not be enough to hinder most activities.