Colourful architecture and German bakeries on the Atlantic Coast

On the sandy shores of the Atlantic coast in Namibia, you’ll find this coastal town rich with history and windy summer days. After landing upon the area in 1487, Bartolomeu Dias named the coastal town Angra Pequena, however, it only boomed in 1908 when diamonds were discovered nearby. With exciting water and land-based activities to enjoy, you’ll definitely leave this town with more than you came with.


Explore the deserted Kolmanskop Ghost Town.
Photograph the gothic Felsenkirche, or Rock Church, on Diamond Hill.
Take a stroll around the town to admire the colonial and Art Nouveau buildings dating back to the early 1900s.
Visit the Lüderitz Peninsula to see endless views of the Atlantic, the old lighthouse, Diaz Point lookout, and flamingos.
Have a barbeque on Agate Beach, a sandy bay fringed by dunes and frequented by seals.
Marvel at giant rock arches, meteor craters, fossil sites, and desert wildlife in Tsau //Khaeb National Park.

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Best time to go to Lüderitz

Summer is a lovely time to visit Lüderiz, owing to the warm weather and low rainfall. This will also give you the opportunity to explore the outdoors as much as you’d like! However, fall – March to May – is the busiest time for tourism in this little town. The reason can be attributed to temperatures being more comfortable than in summer, in combination with non-existent rainfall.

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