Northern Namibia's thunderous and waterfall-dotted perennial river

In the northern Kaokoland, home to the semi-nomadic Himba people, you will find the magnificent Kunene River forming the border between Angola and Namibia for about 325 km. This river is one of only a few perennial rivers in Namibia and so, these waters are a precious life source for an area that is sparsely populated but holds incredible wildlife like desert-adapted elephants and rhinos, and Nile crocodiles. Explore the scenic Ruacana Falls and Epupa Falls found along the river, and admire the contrast between lush river banks and arid mountains.


Spot about 300 species of flourishing birdlife, including a great number of endemic sightings.
Explore the waters through activities like thrilling white river rafting, swift canoeing, or lazy sundowner cruises.
Experience a guided hike to the hills or falls with trails leading to striking views.
Take a swim in a myriad of serene rock pools above the falls.
Go on an off-road 4x4 adventure in the remote Kaokoland.
Visit a Himba Kraal where the Himba people can teach you about their proud customs.

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Best time to go to Kunene River

The best time to visit the Kunene River is from April to September. Kaokoland is a great area to visit throughout the year, but it is at its best during the peak of the dry season when daily temperatures are more pleasant. In April and May, the Kunene River is in peak flow, allowing wonderful water excursions, whereas the flows are at their lowest in October. The following months, from November to early May, are part of the wet season and produce lovely green scenery and fantastic birding opportunities.

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