Expansive grasslands home to Kruger's largest concentration of lion

Kruger Central is a favourite among visitors to the park, ostensibly due to the large number of predators like lion, hyena, leopard and cheetah that this region supports. These predators in turn are drawn to the area by the abundant antelope, giraffe, zebra and wildebeest, who prefer Kruger Central for its sweet grass. The wide-open savannas of this part of the park make for stunning photo opportunities, especially when coming across one of the 60 prides of lion that call it home.


Take a drive around the park in your vehicle, stopping when and where you want.
Snap impressive shots of Kruger’s predators going for the kill.
Experience the wild coming alive after dark during an exciting night drive.
Explore the bush on an exciting bike ride.
Step into the wilderness with a guided bush walk.
Toast the breathtaking African sunset as it dips over the savannah.

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Best time to go to Kruger Central

Like the rest of the park, Kruger Central enjoys rainy summers and dry winters. During the summer months (November to February), the area is lush with greenery and a spoil of baby animals, which makes it a fantastic time of year for a photographic safari. The winter months (May to August) allow for easily spotting animals, due to vegetation thinning out and water sources being scarce.

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