A sand-engulfed ghost town in Namibia's 'forbidden zone'

Known as Namibia’s most famous ghost town, deserted houses overflowing with banks of sand make Kolmanskop a sight to behold. About 10 km outside the coastal town of Lüderitz, the remains of this once-wealthy town tell a vivid story with brightly coloured wallpaper peeling off of run-down walls. Rich with diamond-mining history, Kolmanskop experienced a quick rise and fall, and by 1954 the town was abandoned. Partially swallowed by the Namib Desert, this nostalgic Namibian wonder is worth exploring.


Take a guided tour of the deserted town and learn about the lives of former inhabitants.
Look out for fresh brown hyena tracks in the sand as you explore.
Make a stop at the town of Lüderitz and experience all its sights and activities.
Visit the site of the original Dias Cross at Dias Point.

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Best time to go to Kolmanskop

Being filled and surrounded by sand and with the sun baking on the open-air museum, the best time to visit Kolmanskop is in the dry, cooler season, being winter, specifically from May to October. A bonus of this season is that water is rather scarce, making it easier to spot wildlife as they stay closer to watering holes. Neighbouring months are also pleasant to visit, and availability may be better.

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