Explore the charming gateway to the Zambezi River and Chobe National Park

In the northern part of Botswana on the banks of the Chobe River, and at the confluence of 4 countries, sits Kasane, a small border town. Kasane is popular with visitors due to its close proximity to nearby national parks and natural attractions in the area, such as the Chobe National Park and Zambezi River. Many visitors choose to stop for the night in Kasane before entering the Chobe National Park at its northern gate. Kasane is also a relatively short distance from the iconic Victoria Falls, which can be easily visited on a day trip to nearby Zimbabwe. In addition to its proximity to many attractions, Kasane has a variety of restaurants, shops, lodges, and petrol stations, not to mention activities such as fishing, bird-watching, and game drives or boat cruises, on offer.


Drive along the Chobe River, spotting wildlife such as elephants, hippos, buffalos and more.
Explore nearby Chobe National Park and lookout for members of the Big 5.
Take a sunset boat tour down the Chobe River, enjoying the spectacular birdlife.
Go fishing on the Chobe and catch and release an elusive Tiger Fish.

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Best time to go to Kasane

Like most of Botswana, Kasane has both a rainy and a dry season. During the rainy season between November and March, there is a wider variety of bird species to be seen along the river, as well as baby animals and predators. Game viewing is easier during the dry season from April to October, when most animals remain close to the main sources of water and the bush is less dense.