Community-owned, tree-dotted panorama, roamed by lion and elephant

Hobatere Concession is located in the dramatic landscape of Damaraland on the western border of Etosha National Park. The 8.808,0 hectares of expansive plains and rolling hills are a haven for desert-adapted elephants, endangered black rhinos, and predators like lions. The area's rich biodiversity is actively protected by the community members living in the ≠Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy, who act as game guards and receive support from and employment by the tourism industry, specifically at Hobatere Lodge nestled on the banks of the Otjovasandu River. Visitors to this community-based tourism success story play a direct role in conserving its natural heritage and uplifting its community.


Go on a game drive and explore the natural surroundings.
Observe the giants of Damaraland – its desert-adapted elephants.
Toast the sky during one of Namibia’s epic sunsets.
Visit rock paintings created by ancient humans in the area.
Take a guided walk to experience the landscape up close.

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Best time to go to Hobatere Concession

The best time to visit the Hobatere Concession in Damaraland is after the rainy season has ended. The rainy season falls between January and March, and once it is over, the days are sunny yet with cool nights. Winter months (May, June and July) are also popular times to visit this area. September and October can be pretty windy, while December and January are extremely hot.

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Hobatere Lodge

Community-owned lodge along the Western border of Etosha National Park
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