Home to 'Hoba', the largest meteorite ever found on Earth

A sleepy agricultural town in Namibia’s northwest, Grootfontein (“big fountain” in Afrikaans) is the last major centre on the journey up further north. The town is known for the Hoba Meteorite, the world’s largest meteorite, as well as the Dragon’s Breath Cave, the world’s largest underground lake. Then there’s the baobab on the outskirts of town that is so massive, it was proclaimed a national monument.


View the Hoba Meteorite, the world's largest intact meteorite, estimated to weigh nearly 60 tonnes.
Traverse the wild and historic Bushmanland of Namibia on horseback.
Behold Tree 1063, the giant baobab outside town on Farm Keibeb.
Visit the Altes Fort Museum to see its collection of historical artefacts, industrial items, and local minerals.
Go on a game drive and admire nature at the nearby parks and nature reserves.

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Best time to go to Grootfontein

The best time to visit Grootfontein is between April and August when temperatures have cooled down. During this time, the days are warm with clear skies, and animals in the surrounding areas flock to available water sources, which makes for easier viewing. Grootfontein has a semi-arid climate with dry periods in May, June, July, August, and September. The coldest months are in June and July with an average daily temperature of around 23°C.

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