Hiker's paradise amidst towering mountains and elusive black rhino

The Erongo Region is a massive area that encompasses many unforgettable destinations. It stretches all the way from the coast more than halfway inland towards Windhoek, north past the Brandberg and south close to Solitaire. Within its bounds, there is so much to see: from Namibia’s tallest mountain to its largest seal colony. The Erongo is a mix of misty laid-back coastal towns and enigmatic desert scapes. It offers a wide variety of activities, from camping to rock climbing, surfing to fishing, and so much in between.


Climb the Spitzkoppe and explore its caves and hidden rock art.
Visit the Brandberg, the tallest mountain in Namibia, and see the most famous rock painting in Namibia, the White Lady.
Explore the tiny critters living in the dunes of the Namib with a Living Desert Tour.
Buy a dazzling crystal mined in the area from locals.
Visit the massive Cape fur seal colony at Cape Cross.
Float in the Namibian Dead Sea close to Henties Bay.

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Best time to go to Erongo Region

The best time to visit the Erongo Region is during the autumn and winter months (March-September), when the desert temperatures are more hospitable, with sunny days and cool nights. Alternatively, December at the coast is made up of warm beach days with misty mornings and cool nights, as well as Atlantic Ocean waters that are not quite as icy as usual.

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