A series of picturesque waterfalls along the winding Kunene River

Situated in the northern Namibian region of Kaokoland, Epupa Falls is near the border of Angola. This oasis was named by the Herero people,meaning ‘falling water’. This is an apt description as the area is most notable for its magnificent waterfalls and rushing Kunene River. The river is 1 of Namibia’s 5 perennial rivers but is subject to seasonal fluctuations and is best seen during April and May. Epupa Falls is a gorgeous contrast to Namibia’s desert as it is dominated by rolling hills, green brush, and the beautiful aquatic paradise.


Bask in the awe of the giant, dramatic waterfalls on a guided tour.
Interact with the local Himba tribe and learn about their ancient culture.
Snap some incredible sunrise pictures on a guided photography tour.
Take a stroll along the banks of the Kunene River in search of giant crocodiles.
Enjoy a drink and watch the sunset over the magnificent river.

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Best time to go to Epupa Falls

Epupa Falls is a great place to visit anytime during the year. As Namibia is in the Southern Hemisphere, the region experiences spring and summer from September to March, which then leads into autumn and winter spanning till August. The best time to visit Epupa Falls is between May and October when the weather is moderate and rains are scarce. However, after the rainy season in April and May the region is notably beautiful with lush vegetation and a rushing river.

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