Dorob National Park, meaning "dry land", links up the Skeleton Coast and the Namib Naukluft parks. Windsurf and kayak with dolphins along the bird-rich coastal dune belt, or quad bike and skydive over the vast gravel plains.

Nestled between the Namib-Naukluft and Skeleton Coast National Park, Dorob National Park is just as vast as it is fascinating. The 7.800 square km of protected area uses smart conservation efforts to separate conservation areas from areas used for adventure tourism. This allows for endangered species to be protected, while support from tourism can still be utilised through activities like kayaking and skydiving. Along the shore, you can see awe inspiring views of sand dunes that lead to a bird lover’s paradise as you travel inland.


Visit Messum Crater to learn more about the cultural and historical significance of the area.
Experience the landscapes in the park first-hand by hiking the Omaruru River Trail or Jakkalsputz Trail.
Look out for 270 bird species, including the Cape teal, Burchell’s courser, and the pink lesser flamingo.
Watch the sunrise over the dunes as you cruise through the sky in a hot air balloon.
Spot Cape fur seals along the shoreline and inland wildlife like springbok, oryx, and zebra.
Live on the edge with adventure activities on offer like kayaking and skydiving.

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Best time to go to Dorob National Park

You’ll be glad to hear that Dorob National Park is a treat to visit any time of the year! This is all thanks to the low annual rainfall experienced in the region and the coastal breeze that keeps temperatures from getting too hot in the summer. Note that at night temperatures can drop quite low, so always be sure to pack something to keep you warm.

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