A quaint village on the banks of the Okavango River, home to the Mbukushu kings

At the base of the Kavango-Zambezi arm of Namibia on the southeast bank of the Okavango River sits a tiny settlement called Divundu. This remote location acts as a springboard for exploration east into the area. The town is settled along the essential B8 road, which makes it a regular stop-over point for travellers journeying through the area. There are a couple of shops available, where visitors can purchase basic supplies like groceries before heading out into the remote wilderness. Divundu is a relatively short distance from the exciting Bwabwata National Park and the charming Popa Falls.


Visit the scenic Popa Falls, a series rapids that sees the Okavango River drop 4 metres.
Be on the lookout for rare and unique bird species that frequent the area.
Walk along the Okavango River, the fourth largest river system in southern Africa.
Enjoy a relaxing boat cruise along the river sipping a chilled glass of wine.

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Best time to go to Divundu

The best time to travel to Divundu is during the dry season, between May and September when there is little chance of getting caught in the rain. December and January can get extremely hot and humid, but this is also the best time for bird watching and catching sight of baby animals. Winter months like June and July can have cold nights and mild days.

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