The largest protected area in Africa, home to black-maned lions and Africa's Bushmen

The Kalahari Desert stretches over roughly 80% of Botswana. At the heart of the country sits the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, which is the most remote reserve in Southern Africa and the second largest in the world, spanning a whopping 52.800 km2 area of red ochre plains and dunes. Despite receiving more rainfall than other deserts, although still less than 250 mm per annum, the Kgalagadi (as it is referred to in Setswana) is home to all kinds of wildlife. This reserve is also a haven for the San people, who continue on these lands with an ancient way of life that has spanned generations.


Go on a photographic safari and spot a myriad of desert life.
Venture out on a nature tour with indigenous Basarwa (San) people.
Take a game drive and spot the magnificent black-maned lions of the Kalahari.
Enjoy a dazzling sunset as golden hour hits the Kalahari.
Visit Deception Valley for some incredible game viewing.
Sleep out under the desert sky and witness stunning views of the milky way.

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Best time to go to Central Kalahari Game Reserve

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve has different offerings at different times of the year. The dry season runs from about April to October and this is the best time to see game due to wildlife congregating at the water sources/less dense vegetation. During this time there can be dramatic temperature changes between the day and night, so pack accordingly. It will start warming up in October, and the rains usually arrive in November and last until March. This is a great time to see birds, baby animals and a desert transformed.