Okavango Spirit

From €8,964/ person in November

A charming houseboat exploring the waterways of the Okavango Delta’s remote Panhandle

The Okavango Spirit explores the mesmerising waterways of the Delta’s remote Panhandle area in northern Botswana, an experience offered all year round. Guests stay on a charming houseboat with full wifi, featuring en-suite cabins with sliding glass doors leading to the perfect way to enjoy sundowners, from a private deck. There are activities available on smaller game viewing boats and the wildlife is teeming, with hippos gracing, crocodiles sunbathing, elephants splashing, and buffaloes drinking at the water’s edge. The same goes for the birdlife with up to 200 species that could potentially be seen in one day. When opting for the Okavango Spirit experience, guests directly support the Mmogo Coexistence Programme, a Natural Selection conservation initiative that deals with human-wildlife conflict.

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Okavango Spirit


The Okavango Spirit cabins each come with twin beds or double beds, all boasting private viewing decks to admire the constantly changing riverbanks. At night, the houseboat is moored along peaceful riverbanks. The 3-m high upper deck offers a dining area, a cosy relaxation lounge, a well-stocked bar, and a sundeck.

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