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nights icon22 nightsemissions icon0.408t CO2

South Africa's Southern Coast Spoils

From $6,037/person
nights icon9 nightsemissions icon0.286t CO2

Botswana Starlight Honeymoon: Stellar Delta to Desert

From $14,670/person
nights icon12 nightsemissions icon0.616t CO2

Discover Namibia’s North: Wildlife & Wetlands in 12 Days

From $3,177/person
nights icon7 nightsemissions icon0.405t CO2

Namibia's Best in a Week

From $789/person
nights icon12 nightsemissions icon0.478t CO2

The Namibian Starter Pack: Self-Drive Adventure on a Budget

From $1,267/person
nights icon15 nightsemissions icon0.598t CO2

The Namibian Classics

From $2,052/person
nights icon9 nightsemissions icon0.365t CO2

Dunes & Deserts in 10 Days

From $851/person
nights icon18 nightsemissions icon0.724t CO2

Extended Self-Drive Package: Namibia's Wildlife & Wilderness

From $1,802/person
nights icon13 nightsemissions icon0.543t CO2

Wanderer’s Namibian Bucket List

From $1,398/person
nights icon11 nightsemissions icon0.425t CO2

Classic Namibian Wonders

From $1,128/person
nights icon15 nightsemissions icon0.524t CO2

Dunes & Safaris in 16 Days

From $2,505/person
nights icon13 nightsemissions icon0.495t CO2

Wild & Wonderful Namibia

From $1,308/person
nights icon14 nightsemissions icon0.595t CO2

Classic Namibia Bucket List

From $1,444/person
nights icon11 nightsemissions icon0.183t CO2

The Best of KwaZulu-Natal: Shores to Sanctuaries in 12 Days

From $3,345/person
nights icon18 nightsemissions icon0.414t CO2

The 19-Day Cost-effective Garden Route & Safari Combo

From $1,705/person
nights icon10 nightsemissions icon0.664t CO2

Namibian Wildside: Etosha to Zambezi

From $2,914/person
nights icon11 nightsemissions icon0.200t CO2

West Coast Retreats and Wild Mountain Escapes

From $2,298/person
nights icon6 nightsemissions icon0.175t CO2

Classic Safari in South Africa: Kruger in a Week

From $2,464/person
nights icon8 nightsemissions icon0.082t CO2

Relaxing Rwandan Getaway: Virunga Gorillas & Lake Kivu

From $7,656/person
nights icon8 nightsemissions icon0.177t CO2

Iconic Serengeti: The Great Migration Adventure

From $4,332/person
nights icon11 nightsemissions icon0.071t CO2

Big 5, Gorillas and Beaches: Explore Rwanda & Zanzibar

From $11,967/person
nights icon12 nightsemissions icon0.166t CO2

Complete Rwanda on a Budget

From $2,155/person
nights icon8 nightsemissions icon0.141t CO2

Gorilla Trekking and the Gems of Rwanda

From $6,189/person
nights icon14 nightsemissions icon4.042t CO2

Kruger to Coast: Self-drive Across 2 Countries in 2 Weeks

From $3,633/person
nights icon10 nightsemissions icon0.376t CO2

An Unforgettable Honeymoon: Kruger & Victoria Falls in Luxury

From $12,382/person
nights icon9 nightsemissions icon0.198t CO2

The Ultimate Luxury Kruger Fly-In Safari

From $11,333/person
nights icon11 nightsemissions icon0.153t CO2

Explore Rwanda: Mountain Gorillas, Volcanoes & Lake Kivu

From $3,126/person
nights icon12 nightsemissions icon0.134t CO2

Safari, Lakes, Gorillas and Golden Monkeys in Rwanda

From $3,254/person
nights icon11 nightsemissions icon0.140t CO2

Gorillas, Great Lakes and Big 5 Safari in Rwanda

From $8,052/person
nights icon6 nightsemissions icon0.107t CO2

A Faraway Adventure: Explore the Islands of Botswana

From $13,346/person
nights icon9 nightsemissions icon0.516t CO2

A Wilderness Retreat: Botswana’s Northern Highlights

From $27,237/person
nights icon9 nightsemissions icon0.149t CO2

Waterways & Wonders: Victoria Falls to the Okavango Delta

From $23,745/person
nights icon8 nightsemissions icon0.197t CO2

Rich & Remote Botswana: Delta, Salt Pans & Wildlife

From $15,324/person
nights icon15 nightsemissions icon0.831t CO2

Explore South Africa & Botswana: From Cape to Kalahari

From $8,598/person
nights icon15 nightsemissions icon0.590t CO2

The Ultimate Beach and Safari South African Honeymoon

From $7,264/person
nights icon7 nightsemissions icon0.123t CO2

Botswana Honeymoon Safari in the Okavango Delta

From $9,725/person
nights icon20 nightsemissions icon0.611t CO2

The Garden Route Glamour & Zululand Luxury Experience

From $7,500/person
nights icon14 nightsemissions icon0.551t CO2

South African Coast Crossover: From Winelands to Wetlands

From $2,951/person
nights icon10 nightsemissions icon0.229t CO2

11 days of South Africa's South Coast Luxury

From $16,484/person
nights icon15 nightsemissions icon0.415t CO2

A 16-Day Garden Route Honeymoon: Tranquil Trails & Treats

From $5,276/person
nights icon14 nightsemissions icon0.624t CO2

15 Days of Luxury Kruger & Garden Route Discoveries

From $9,033/person
nights icon14 nightsemissions icon0.678t CO2

Epic Gondwana Adventure: Deserts, Ocean and Wilderness

From $1,413/person
nights icon20 nightsemissions icon0.761t CO2

Eco-luxury Safari, Sand Dunes & Stargazing

From $10,487/person
nights icon9 nightsemissions icon0.067t CO2

The Western Cape’s Beauty: Scenic Whale and Wine Routes

From $2,304/person
nights icon17 nightsemissions icon0.225t CO2

Wine, Whales and Safaris: the Cape in 17 days

From $2,757/person
nights icon14 nightsemissions icon0.117t CO2

South Africa’s Wild Cape: Sea, Wine and Safari in 2 Weeks

From $4,330/person
nights icon12 nightsemissions icon0.246t CO2

Garden Route's Gems on a Shoestring

From $639/person
nights icon11 nightsemissions icon0.121t CO2

South Africa's Budget-friendly Thrills, Hills and Whales

From $737/person
nights icon9 nightsemissions icon0.042t CO2

The Magnificent Cape Winelands: Affordable Delights

From $677/person
nights icon12 nightsemissions icon0.121t CO2

South African Adventures Across Mountain & Sea in 12 Days

From $1,375/person
nights icon10 nightsemissions icon0.036t CO2

10 Days of the Cape Winelands in all its Splendour

From $1,142/person
nights icon15 nightsemissions icon0.258t CO2

A Classic 16-Day Garden Route Tour

From $2,876/person
nights icon16 nightsemissions icon0.791t CO2

Namibian Eco-Safari: Deserts to Eden in 17 Days

From $5,261/person
nights icon14 nightsemissions icon0.681t CO2

Discover the Zambezi: Namibia’s Secret Eden in 14 Days

From $3,754/person