The Elegant Eco Camp

From €88/ person in May

Surrounded by the majestic Tsaris Mountains, close to the Namib Naukluft Park entrance

The Elegant Desert Camp is a secluded and eco-friendly gem situated 45km from Sesriem in the ancient Namib Desert, surrounded by the majestic Tsaris Mountains and a stretch of endless gravel plains. The camp was built using recyclable and mostly biodegradable material, and can be completely removed. The Eco Camp is entirely self-sustaining, making use of solar power for hot water and electricity. With its impressive views, crystal clear swimming pool and delicious traditional Namibian dining, the camp offers an unforgettable experience of vast spaces, endless horizons and jagged mountain heights in a setting of unimaginable tranquillity.

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Tented Room


Custom-built, 85sqm canvas tents offer pure privacy and uninterrupted desert views. Each tent features an outdoor viewing deck, indoor and outdoor showers and a spacious bathroom, with all amenities and comforts. The beds can be rolled outside onto the wooden deck for starry slumbers and sunrise wakeups.

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