A luxury eco-lodge on a private island in the Zambezi River

Sindabezi Island Lodge is a secluded bush camp located on its own private island in the Zambezi River. Its open-sided thatched cottages provide guests with stunning views of the flood plains and the nearby Victoria Falls National Park. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities during the day, such as boat cruises, visits to national parks and participating in community upliftment initiatives. Watch the island transform into a tranquil setting at night – apart from the mesmerising starry night sky, the entire Sindabezi Island is also beautifully illuminated with traditional hurricane lamps and candles. The lodge has zero grid dependence and inside, modern fixtures fuse with locally sourced wooden furniture and textiles.

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Best time to go to Victoria Falls

When visiting Victoria Falls, an important factor to consider is the water level of the falls. Water levels are highest from May to August, offering great visibility of the falls, but the absolutely perfect time is June and July. The water levels start to lower in August up to March, and this is when white water rafting is available. During the rainy season, the falls can be completely obscured by mist, from about November to March, while the dry season, from April to October, is great for game viewing in the area.


Sunrise Chalet

The Sunrise Chalet has the same amenities as the other chalets on the island, however, it is the sole chalet located on the southern side, which means it offers the opportunity to witness stunning sunrises in seclusion. This unit also boasts a large, modern outdoor bathtub with Zambezi River views.

Honeymoon Chalet

The Honeymoon Chalet is located on an isolated sandy beach at the edge of the island. The solar panelling ensures hot water and ambient lighting next to the four-poster bed draped in netting. Enjoy secluded river views and starry nights from your deck in a private, vintage outdoor bath for 2.


Situated along sandy and elevated wooden pathways, the Chalets are hidden away on the banks of the island, perfect for those who are looking for a private, secluded experience. These chalets offer solar-heated showers, toilets with a view, private decks with river views, opulent furnishings, and double or twin sleeping arrangements.

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