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Known as Namibia’s “garden town”, Okahandja will leave you recharged, relaxed and gratified by the hospitality of the people that occupy it. The town's rich history, dating back to the 1800s, is rooted in the native Herero group of Namibia. Okahandja is still of great cultural significance to the Herero, as it is the burial place of many great leaders.


Visit the Woodcarvers Market to appreciate and purchase beautifully carved goods.
Admire the Herero’s colourful, puffy-sleeved dresses and fabric headdresses shaped like cattle horns.
Spoil yourself at the Gross Barmen Resort, built around a natural hot spring.
Watch an outdoor concert at Palm Tree Park, nearby Windhoek.
Test your 4x4 skills at the Elisenheim Trails on a self-drive adventure.
Go on a game drive at one of the parks nearby to experience Namibia’s wildlife.

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