The land of a thousand hills, forest-dwelling gorillas, rich culture, and adventure

Rwanda is a contrasting and fascinating country with a rich culture and dedication to ongoing conservation efforts. Home to the wild gorillas of the Virunga Mountains, Rwanda is one of the few places in the world where these majestic animals can be observed in the wild. The country is also known for its picturesque landscapes, ranging from rolling hills to tropical rainforests. Additionally, Rwanda is a safe and welcoming country for tourists and has a rich cultural heritage to explore. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as hiking, birding, and exploring the local markets. Rwanda has made significant efforts to promote sustainability in various sectors.


Hike through the lush Nyungwe Forest National Park and explore the canopy walkway.
Go on safari in Akagera National Park, which is also Central Africa’s largest protected wetland.
Visit Rwanda Genocide Memorial Museum in Kigali, a sobering testament to the victims of this atrocity and how far Rwanda has come since.
Embark on a Gorilla Safari in the Volcanoes National Park for a truly life-changing experience.

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Best time to go to Rwanda

Rwanda is situated in East Africa and has a subtropical highland climate, with 2 rainy seasons and 2 dry seasons. The best time to visit Rwanda is from June to September and January, during the dry season. During this period, temperatures are pleasant and rainfall is minimal, and it is also the best time to spot gorillas. The long rainy season runs from February to May and the short rainy season runs from October to December. Temperatures during the rainy seasons can be quite hot and humid.

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